Don't get dark, desalination is completely harmless!

Time:2017-09-22 11:16

China is a very "thirsty" country. Not only is the northwest short of water, even coastal cities such as Tianjin and Qingdao are also suffering from severe water shortages. Looking at the ocean, which accounts for 97% of the world's water, can’t help but sigh, if the sea water can really drink. How good is it.

How can the sea water in the vast ocean be removed from the salt to extract fresh water? As early as the 16th century in the maritime era, Queen Elizabeth of England issued an order: Who can invent a cheap method to remove the bitter and salty seawater Diluted into fresh water for human consumption, whoever can get a bonus of 10,000 pounds! (Being rich is willful to be a queen)

For a long time, the scarcity of freshwater resources and the high cost of desalination have made it impossible for us to overcome this difficulty. Today, desalination is no longer a dream, so another more acute question arises, can the desalinated seawater really be drunk?

Seawater desalination is also called seawater desalination. It is a process of filtering out impurities, moss and bacteria in the seawater to turn it into clean salt water, and then removing the salt in the seawater through devices and equipment to obtain fresh water. The waste material in the treatment process, that is, salt water, will be discharged into the sea. The salt water originally belonging to the sea will not affect the natural ecology, and the water obtained after the treatment is ultra-pure water.

This is very clear. Purified water, that is, all the harmful and beneficial minerals in the water are removed. It is pure H20. Because it lacks the minerals required by the human body, drinking purified water for a long time has good health and physiological functions. It will produce slow potential negative physiological effects and cannot be used as long-term drinking water.

In fact, the value of seawater desalination is not only used for industrial cooling water and large domestic water, but after it is subjected to post-mineralization treatment to increase the content of minerals and alkalinity, the water quality is stable, non-corrosive, and fully compatible with drinking water. Standards, which can maintain the health of residents and stabilize water quality.

Besides, the desalinated seawater cannot be drunk, it is pseudo-science!

With the development of science and technology, the treatment methods for seawater desalination have become more and more mature. Let's talk about scientific matters. How does desalination work?

Seawater desalination originated in an interesting experiment by the ancient Greek philosopher and natural scientist Aristotle in the 4th century BC. He filled the salt water in a semi-closed container, and then heated it to boil the salt water. Subsequently, he found that the water vapor no longer contained salt, and the condensed water droplets no longer had a salty taste. Afterwards, Rome, Spain and other countries began to use this type of marine desalinizer based on the distillation method on voyage ships to solve the problem of drinking water for the crew.

Compared to cities that lack water, ships drifting on the sea need desalination because of supply problems. At that time, regardless of whether the ultra-pure water is healthy or not for long-term drinking, there is no water to drink in the vast sea, which is a big trouble that will not last forever. .

Now that seawater desalination has long been separated from the traditional distillation method, it can be described as a refurbishment, each with its own advantages and its own characteristics.

Keywords: Don't get dark, desalination is completely harmless!

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