2017 (Fifth) West Lake International Desalination and Water Reuse Conference

Time:2017-09-22 11:13

※National Desalination and Water Reuse Industry Development Report

※National Seminar on Advanced Wastewater Treatment and Resource Recovery Technology

※"Green Development•Beautiful China" Roundtable Dialogue

※China Water Industry Quality Engineering Award Ceremony

※National Water Treatment Engineering Equipment and Innovation Technology Exhibition

※The second meeting of the 7th Council of China Seawater Desalination and Water Reuse Society

※"Water Treatment Technology" 9th Editorial Board General Meeting

Conference highlights

■ Supported by multiple ministries and commissions, co-organized by authoritative organizations, China's leading comprehensive water treatment technology exchange and industrial cooperation high-end feast;

■ Top academicians, authoritative scholars, business executives and veterans gather in Hangzhou; celebrities and elites draw a blueprint for the water industry;

■ Academician summits, special forums, academic reports, results presentations, awards ceremony, field visits, etc. promote the integration of industry, university and research;

■ Seawater desalination, waste water recycling, advanced membrane technology, innovative technology release; multi-field, multi-industry cross-border cooperation, win-win development;

■ Entity support, supply and demand docking, building a seamless commerce platform;

■ Once a year, China Water Industry Annual Ceremony, leading the latest trends and directions of industry development.


China Sea Water Desalination and Water Reuse Society, Chinese Ocean Society

Department of Chemical Metallurgy and Materials Engineering, Chinese Academy of Engineering, Zhejiang Science and Technology Association

Zhejiang University Ministry of Education, Membrane and Water Treatment Technology Engineering Research Center


Hangzhou Water Treatment Technology Research and Development Center, China Membrane Industry Association Seawater and Brackish Water Desalination Membrane Branch


National Desalination Industry Alliance, National Liquid Separation Membrane Engineering Technology Research Center

Zhejiang desalination industry technology innovation strategic alliance, national water purification equipment technology mobilization center

"Water Treatment Technology" Editorial Department, Tianjin Sea Water Desalination and Comprehensive Utilization Research Institute

Water Industry Branch of China Civil Engineering Society, Zhejiang Membrane Technology Engineering Research Center

National Chemical Thermal Engineering Design Technology Center Station, National Coal Chemical Industry Information Center Station

National Chemical Water Supply and Drainage Design Technology Center Station, Zhejiang Membrane Industry Association

Water Pollution Control Committee of China Environmental Protection Industry Association, Ecological Environment Research Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Gansu Institute of Membrane Science and Technology, Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Thermal Engineering Design Committee of China Petroleum and Chemical Engineering Survey and Design Association

Supporting units: School of Environment, Tsinghua University, Tianjin University Seawater Desalination and Membrane Technology Research Center

Institute of Membrane Science and Technology, Nanjing University of Technology, Institute of Chemical Engineering, East China University of Science and Technology

School of Chemical Engineering, Dalian University of Technology, Institute of Biochemical Engineering, Tianjin Polytechnic University

Department of Municipal Engineering, School of Environment, Tongji University, School of Municipal Environmental Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology

School of Environmental and Energy Engineering, Beijing University of Technology, Institute of Medical Equipment, Academy of Military Medical Sciences

media support:

"Water Treatment Technology", China Water Resources News, China Ocean News, Information Morning Post, China Economic Herald, Hangzhou Daily, Toutiao, Science and Technology Finance News, China Net, China Thermal Network, China Environment News, "Industrial Water Treatment", " China Water Supply and Drainage, Xinhua News Agency, Economic Observer, "Asian Environmental Protection", "Thermal Engineering Technology", "Industrial Water and Wastewater", Green Gold Consulting, "Membrane Science and Technology", Guteng Network, Polaris Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Network, HC Network, Chemical State, People's Daily, "Water Industry Market"


The industry’s heavyweight, the grand event must be held! The West Lake International Seawater Desalination and Water Reuse Conference is the annual ceremony of China's desalination industry and the summit of water pollution prevention. It is supported and assisted by the national ministries, local governments, and many domestic and foreign authorities Next, the history of the National Desalination Conference and the National Desalination Working Conference have been successfully held for four consecutive sessions, which has a huge impact. With a professional, rigorous, and transformative perspective, the conference devoted the power of the industry, tired the thinking of think tanks, and designed the top-level design to structure the overall industry. It integrates policy interpretation, technical exchanges, economic and trade negotiations, equipment support, industrial cooperation and industry awards, and results display. It includes a series of theme activities and summit meetings. It has a deep circle of elites from all walks of life, research and application, and accumulates efforts to break the barriers of development. High-standard, high-level, and multi-dimensional comprehensive assistance to the leap-forward development of the industrial economy. The conference used branding to build an important bridge for all parties in the industry and many countries in the world to participate in China's water environment governance, and it has a profound impact on the innovation-driven strategic system construction of my country's desalination industry and the reuse of waste and sewage resources.

Stars shine, walk along the road! The 2017 (Fifth) West Lake International Desalination and Water Reuse Conference has the theme of "Green Development • Beautiful China" and upholds the concept of "pragmatic cooperation, open sharing", and joins hands with the Chinese Academy of Engineering and the Chinese Ocean Society , Zhejiang Association for Science and Technology, Zhejiang University and many other authoritative institutions set sail again. The conference is chaired by Academician Gao Congjing and is scheduled to be held in Hangzhou on October 28-30. The conference will invite many departmental leaders, senior academicians, authoritative scholars, association directors, executives of famous companies, business leaders, opinion leaders and journalists to gather in Hangzhou to interpret new policies and regulations with authority, accurately grasp opportunities and challenges, and make strategic judgments. Path direction. The conference has a series of wonderful modules such as academician summit, special report, round table dialogue, business negotiation, product display, award ceremony, field inspection, etc. At the same time, the annual meeting of the society council and the re-election meeting of the journal editorial board are interspersed, focusing on desalination, desalination and separation. Innovative high-level dialogues and cooperation with a wide range of entities have been launched in many frontier areas such as technology and waste water reuse, industrial capital and equipment support, to discuss differences and overcome shortcomings. The conference is determined to use the elite force of thinking first and uniting knowledge and action to continuously strengthen the foundation, activate the new development, and strive to explore new models and open up new spaces under the new normal and new situation, and effectively help water conservation and pollution prevention. The overall solution to the protection of sewage resources and the national strategy of "One Belt One Road" have unremittingly led my country's desalination and various waste and sewage treatment markets to further flourish.

The beginning of the spring and autumn, the nirvana of wind and rain! 50 years of hard work! 50 years of hard work! West Lake Conference as a high-end feast for China's leading comprehensive water treatment technology exchanges and industrial cooperation, carrying the expectations of the times, keeping the green dreams, and finally taking industrial progress as the standard, and constantly making fire Inheritance, carry forward the past, and strive to promote the continuous development of my country's desalination and related technology industry chain! "Those who share the same will not take the mountains and seas as far away." Warmly welcome new and old friends, members, international colleagues and representatives of related enterprises and institutions from all over the world to actively participate in the registration, gather the power of thinking, make the sound of the empty valley, and the spring of the complex industry! The specific arrangements for the conference are now notified as follows:

1. Conference theme

"Green Development•Beautiful China"

2. Chairman and presiding officer

Conference Chairman: Gao Congzhen (Academician)

Host: Yang Shangbao

3. Organizing Committee (in no particular order)

Chairman: Gao Congzhen (academician), Zheng Genjiang

Vice Chairman: Li Youqing, Wang Jiwen, Ruan Guoling

Committee members: Chen Lianggang, Lan Weiguang, Wang Yutong, Wang Leyi, Wang Shougen, Jin Yan, Wan Yinhua, Zeng Fanfu

Yang Bo, Xu Ping, Yang Li, Li Yan, Bao Jinfeng, Han Xianbin, Wang Yingping, Pan Xianhui

Zhu Baoku, Feng Yixian, Chen Guang, Yan Heqin, Liang Guoming, Zhao Caifu, Zhou Jun, Fan Xiong

Zhang Ruijin, Wang Jun, Pan Qi, Bai Yu, Chen Feng, Wu Liguang, Yue Ying, Xu Xiuping

Wu Gang, Yang Baohong, Jia Guizhi, Mei Rongwu, Lin Weijian, Lou Yongtong, Hong Peizhi, Mao Lifeng

4. Academic Committee (in no particular order)

Chairmen: Jian Xigao (academician), Hou Li'an (academician), Wang Shichang

Vice Chairman: Xing Weihong, Wang Xiaolin, Xu Zhenliang

Committee members: Huang Xia, Xu Zhikang, Xie Lixin, Wang Zhi, Lu Xiaolong, Yu Shuili, Cao Yiming, Ji Shulan

Ma Xuehu, Ma Jun, Liu Wenjun, Xu Liangyin, Xu Tongwen, Lei Lecheng, Ma Fang, Zhang Suobo

Zhang Lin, Ye Xiaoyan, Zhang Yuzhong, Liu Yongdi, Li Bengao, Wang Jun, Wei Chaohai, Wang Zhan

Zhang Zhenjia, Zhu Mengfu, Li Baoan, Wang Jianyou, Zhang Guozhen, Wang Haizeng, Wang Ruhua, Li Weixing

Li Mingyu, Guo Liwei, Hu Xuejiao, Liu Junliang, Ma Qiang, Wu Liguang, Anfu Fu, Hu Yunxia

5. Conference Secretary Group

Leader: Wang Qi

Deputy Team Leader: Li Hongqiang Wang Yiyang Zhang Qin

VI. Meeting time and place

Conference registration: October 28, 2017 (13:30-23:00)

Meeting time: October 29-30, 2017

Meeting location: New Century Grand Hotel, Zhejiang Merchants (No. 535 Yingbin Avenue, Yuhang District, Hangzhou, near Nanyuan Station of Metro Line 1 and Yuhang High-speed Railway Station)

Seven. Conference agenda

 Authoritative interpretation and trend analysis of national environmental protection industry policies during the "13th Five-Year Plan" period;

The new situation, the opportunities and challenges of the water industry under the new normal, the thinking and research of new ideas and new spaces;

Global desalination industry, water resources utilization and development status;

The research and application of desalination technologies such as seawater and brackish water desalination (membrane method, distillation method, solar energy or other technologies);

The research progress of various water treatment chemicals such as seawater desalination;

Research on economics of desalination and discussion on investment and financing models;

Research on new membranes and new membrane processes, improvement and innovation of membrane materials and membrane production methods (including forward osmosis, graphene membranes, etc.);

The membrane method integration process and energy saving and emission reduction;

Innovation and development of separation technology and related equipment;

Liquid separation, steam stripping rectification, coking desulfurization waste liquid salt extraction process;

The application of electrodialysis (ED) technology and electrodeionization technology (EDI);

Research progress and trend of wastewater resource utilization technology, existing problems and countermeasures;

The progress and typical cases of water treatment technology in the fields of electric power, municipal administration, printing and dyeing, papermaking, medicine, livestock and poultry;

Petroleum, chemical, coal chemical oily sewage treatment and water recycling process design;

 Rural livestock and poultry farming wastewater and black and smelly river treatment technology and case analysis;

High-efficiency air flotation technology and its engineering application;

The application of advanced oxidation and electrochemical technology in wastewater treatment;

Research and application of high-salt wastewater and high-concentration refractory organic wastewater;

 Research progress of evaporation crystallization technology;

Waste and sewage detection and monitoring; landfill leachate optimization treatment technology;

Introduction to advanced treatment of waste and sewage in typical industrial parks and water ppp cases;

 Membrane and membrane modules, pumps, valves, instruments and other engineering equipment products display and selection.

8. Main content

Academician Summit + Industry Report + Special Seminar + Round Table Dialogue + Equipment Procurement + Technical Cooperation + Business Negotiation + Award Ceremony + Closed-door Conference + Academic Poster + Conference Papers + Achievement Display + Field Investigation

Keywords: 2017 (Fifth) West Lake International Desalination and Water Reuse Conference

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