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Deyang Zhongjia industrial Incorporated Company founded in 2000, is located in No. 23, Tumen Jiang Road, Bajiao Industrial Park, Jingyang District, Deyang City. It

covers an area of 41.000 square meters and has a modern standard workshop of 21,600 square meters. It is an integrated company integrating design,

manufacturing, sales, installation and maintenance. Company's main business: sewage treatment projects; Seawater desalination equipment engineering; The

design and manufacture of pressure vessels of class I, class II low and medium pressure vessels and the design and manufacture of high pressure vessels;

Professional contracting of environmental protection projects; Construction mechanical and electrical installation engineering professional contracting;

Manufacturing, sales, installation, maintenance and technical consulting services of power station equipment; It has an annual capacity of 100 sets of zero-discharge

industrial sewage equipment, municipal sewage integrated equipment and 10 sets of 25,000 tons/day seawater desalination equipment. The company has the

processing capacity of large mechanical parts and equipment, has 17 general bridge cranes, the maximum lifting weight is 100 tons, the span is 20M, the maximum

lifting height is 16.5m; CNC cutting, CNC machining and automatic welding; It can be used for thermal aging and vibration aging treatment of workpieces. With a

variety of stainless steel material surface treatment capacity; The detection equipment is complete, including a digital ultrasonic flaw detector, WKF2 steel scope, an

X-ray flaw detector with a volume of 400M3 and a set of equipment, and a set of SPA10a ferrite detector. The main equipment is: Gm bridge crane (QD100/20-16.5

A5), American 3 A - 750 torque adjustable pneumatic pipe expander, sand blasting, shot blasting steel plate surface processor (BYPG - A), plasma CNC automatic

cutting machine (SZQG- II), ZS2004 vibration aging treatment machine, automatic welding machine (ZD5 (d) - 1000), the WZM1-200 b tube - tube sheet automatic

argon arc welding machine, X-ray detection machine (XXTHA - 3505) and ZK2440 nc machine tools, such as production, testing the wall thickness of 0.4 mm, the

thinnest heat exchanger heat transfer Heat exchange tube diameter O 18 mm - 50.8 mm O, TP304, TP316L, TA2, TA10 all kinds of material.

The company adopts Siemens data management system and UG NX 3D design software to realize the full life cycle management of products. The company has

125 employees in total, including 17 r&d personnel, 1 senior welding process engineers, 2 system process senior engineer, 3 pressure vessel design mechanical

engineer, 1 heat treatment engineer, 4 numerical control technology engineer, 4 manufacturing process engineer, 3 NDT testing engineer, 7 assistant engineer The

company and implementation of the IS09001:2015 quality management system, IS014001-2015 environmental management system, OHSAS18001:2007

occupational health and safety management system. The company has obtained the pressure vessel manufacturing license and established the pressure vessel

equipment manufacturing quality assurance system. In 2018, the company was rated as a national high-tech enterprise. The company has the customer resources;

Dongfang Turbine Co., LTD., Shanghai Electric Energy Resources Comprehensive Development Co., LTD., Shenzhen Energy, Sichuan Boiler Co., LTD., Shanghai

Jingyu Environmental Engineering Co., LTD., Inner Mongolia Jingtai Environmental Science and Technology Co., LTD, etc.,. With the stable and reliable product

quality, perfect and timely delivery cycle and warm and thoughtful after-sales service, more than the company's qualified supplier qualification certification, since

2004 has been completed in the condenser, the heat-supply heater accumulative total area of more than 6 million M2, the average manufacturing heat exchanger

area of more than 500000 M2, with large heat exchanger manufacture ability.

Company's main products are bearing tube falling film industrial wastewater zero discharge enrichment equipment, MVR evaporation crystallizer, multi-effect

evaporation crystallizer industrial wastewater zero discharge evaporation equipment, such as the tank class, integration of MBR wastewater treatment equipment,

nissan 12000 tons low temperature multi-effect evaporation desalination device, 30-1 million unit condenser, pressure vessels, etc. The company has accumulated

rich experience in the processing of large heat exchanger and evaporator. The maximum area of condenser exported to Turkey is 32,000 M2, and the heat

exchange area of two sets of desalination evaporators in Zhoushan is 50,000 M2. The company in line with the "quality to build the brand, to win the market in good

faith", in product design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning work, with professional technology, excellent quality, perfect service has been recognized by

customers. On November 10, 2015, the company's stock was officially listed in the National Sme Stock transfer system and became one of the top three "New Three

Board" listed enterprises in Deyang City. The company has "A "good bank credit and commercial reputation, the annual production and sales revenue of the

company has been more than 100 million yuan, was assessed by the municipal National Tax Bureau as "A tax enterprise", and by the Sichuan Province industrial

and Commercial Bureau as "abide by the contract and credit enterprise".

Response Xi Jinping comrades in the party's 19 big report proposed "prosperous industry, ecological livable, local custom civilization, effective governance, rich life"

of the country revitalization strategy, companies use AO + MBR technology to deal with all kinds of villages and towns wastewater and municipal sewage, etc., is

now in Meishan, Yibin, Luzhou, and between the construction of the project, more firmly establish a "green water castle peak is the jinshan yinshan" the basic

development idea.

In the future, we sincerely hope to become a qualified supplier of your company. Our company will, as always, make progress with The Times, develop with users,

and provide high-quality products.

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